Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Crazy Climber

By the time our little group back then had discovered Crazy Climber in a nearby cafe we were well an truly hooked on the video games and bunking off school and spending hours going round pressing the coin eject button of every machine.  You'd be surprised how well this payed off back then.  Crazy climber was the first game I saw to use two joysticks.  The idea being to walk them alternatively up and down to simulate the guys arms climbing up the outside of a building.

Sounds simple and it would be too but the damn residents start shutting their windows and dropping plant pots on you.  To add to your mysery birds start to drop the largest bird poo's on you that you will have ever seen and eventually you get pianos coming at you.  Its a simple yet massivly infuriating game that had us rocking the whole cabinet and a frienzied attemt to get past a narrow bit before we got a piano on the head.  This was of course much the the cafe owners disgust.  Not enough disgust as to actually chuck us out though.  Looking back we were banging money into machine like crazy.  We were ALL guilty of stealing money to shove in this machine but we were kids and somethings are more important..  Great game all in all and something I recently revisited on the PS3 with MAME and a the two joystick duel-shock controler and its still very playable.

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