Thursday, January 31, 2013


Pacman would be the next game I remember playing a lot.  And I mean A LOT.  We were treated to two versions round our way the upright version was the first and I remember playing this a lot in a local garage of an evening until someone managed to snap off the joystick which left us unable to chase any ghosts.  Thankfully as one of our groups parents owned a local bar we were allowed in there and would spend all day on the table top version they had in there.  Such a great game that has been made and remade for so many different platforms over the years it of course needs no explanation.  But even with all the super and turbo type conversions that appeared on everything ever since you just still cant beat the original.  The sound and the cheeky little graphic interludes when you finish a level top off this addictive game perfectly.  Talking of the sound the music and effects from this game a recognizable even today with the young kids.  The sound effects and music have been popping up in various corners of the media ever since its release.  I mean there is even a dance version of the theme music or two out there!

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